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Our hemp and cocoa were grown the way nature intended.

From Tree to Treat

let’s talk chocolate

  • The Cocoa Pod

    Did you know that chocolate is actually derived from a fruit?

    Grounded in nature, cacao is a clean and natural ingredient, and is the beginning of the chocolate-making process.

  • Harvesting & fermentation

    Harvesting and processing cacao pods takes a lot of labor – but we do it right.

    Cocoa pods are harvested manually from the forest in Peru and the Dominican Republic, where we have formed equitable trade relationships with our chocolate farmers.

    Once the cocoa seeds are pulled from the pod they are laid out in the sun and covered to start the fermentation process, in which the beans will turn brown in color.

  • drying & roasting

    A process that’s been around for thousands of years

    Once the seeds have completed their fermentation process they need to be laid out in the sun to dry out. This process can take about a week. At this point the dried beans are loaded into sacks and shipped to our chocolate manufacture.

    Once received at the manufacturer, our beans will be cleaned and roasted to develop the flavors and colors.

  • cracking & winnowing

    Delivering top-notch, high quality chocolate

    After roasting, the outer brittle shell is removed and the chocolate is broken into pieces called nibs. The nibs are then sorted by size, which is called winnowing.

  • refining & conching

    A clean process results in healthy chocolate

    The cocoa nibs are now refined by grinding. This process generates heat which turns the cocoa nibs into a liquid when the fat melts.

    Conching allows for an even distribution of cocoa butter and chocolate, giving the end product and amazing texture and taste.

  • tempering

    Thoughtful, delicious chocolate

    Additional ingredients, like cane sugar, milk, and vanilla, are added to create dark, milk, and white chocolate flavor profiles. Tempering the chocolate gives it a smooth, glossy finish and allows the chocolate to be molded easily.

From Seed to Oil

Let’s talk CBD

  • cultivating

    Local hemp, sourced from awesome farmers.

    We source our hemp from our friends at Hudson Hemp, non-GMO hemp farm located in the Hudson Valley. Hudson Hemp uses bugs that are harmless to their plants to keep more destructive pests at bay. This practice does stress out the plants a bit, but it’s good stress that creates a higher yield, higher quality product.

  • Extraction

    The full plants potential

    Hudson Hemp plants go through on-site cryo-ethanol extraction and then short-path distillation. They use food-grade ethanol that evacuates and transfers an emulsion from stage to stage in a recirculating closed loop with a 90% solvent recovery rate.

    The cryo-ethanol extraction method has years of well-developed regulatory guidelines and is classified as GRAS by the FDA.

  • Quality

    Keeping your safety in mind

    Our farmers take pride in their hemp breeding which has made their product more consistent, and their CBD extraction methods are highly regulated. Their CBD is third-party tested to ensure that the potency and purity adhere to New York state standards.

CBD + Chocolate

cbd & chocolate are made for each other

Delivering top-notch mellow moments with chocolate

Chocolate is the ideal pairing with CBD. The cocoa butter content in our chocolates helps to administer and extend the effects of CBD.

Build Your Brand With Us

manufacturing goodness

We do what’s best for our customers, farmers, employees and planet. Creating goodness inside and out.